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George Barris Automotive Photo Archive

Welcome to Barris Kustom City, the George Barris Photo Archive. A collection of photographs by George of Barris Kustom’s creations plus some of the world’s most amazing custom cars, hot rods, race cars and pin-up's from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Our main objective is to preserve the Barris Kustom Legacy as well as other Kustomizers and inspire others in their kustomizing endeavors. 


George photographed thousands of ground breaking vehicles from all over the country with his 2 1/4 Roloflex camera that were featured in hundreds magazines. Some you may have seen before but we have included

many more that have never before been seen. Our team is busy scanning the entire image collection and meticulously retouching the scans making sure every image is perfect. Most images are scanned from 21/4 film.

 We are adding new images all the time. So check in to see the latest.

We have set up shop and offer George's photographs and original Barris graphics in various mediums. You can kustomize your favorite image! Plus all images are available to license for print, multi media and creative. 

Please support us by clicking any of the images and purchasing some of our products. We are a growing, unique, independent archive and we are giving the public the opportunity to own kustom car history and

keep the Kustom Legacy alive.

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